Census Of Inhabitants 1834
Enumeration Date: 31st December 1834
14569 Record(s) Found   Record 1 of 14569

ID: 1
PageNo: No data
DateRecorded: 24th. Nov
Division: 1
District: 1
HouseNo: 1
Address: Irish Town
NoOfPersons: No data
Surname: BRUZONI
Forename: Pascual
PersonalNo: No data
Sex: M
MaritalStatus: Married
Relationship: Head
Age: 53
Birthplace: GENOA
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: Tavern Keeper
YearsOfResidence: 31
PermitNo: 334
PermitClass: 1st
Remarks: No data
Comments: No data
Notes: No data
Notes1: No data
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Gibraltar National Archives - Inhabitants 1834