On the 12th May 1749, in Whitehall, London an extract of an order from His Majesty King George II to Lt. General Humphrey Bland was read as follows:

“…Many disputes have arisen in Gibraltar [in relation to] the property of houses, and complaints have been frequently made that Gibraltar Governors’ by their sole authority, have taken these houses for their own advantage. It is the King’s pleasure that you have the full authority to make a strict enquiry into such complaints.”

The first session of the Enquiry was held on the Tuesday 1st August 1749.

This record provides the proceedings of the Court of Enquiry into Property Grants held at Gibraltar in 1749. By the Governor's Command and Order of Lt. General Humphrey Bland, Governor of Gibraltar. Read Lt. General Humphrey Bland's Biography

Also provided is an extract written by Lt. General Bland himself in relation to his conduct during the time he was Governor of Gibraltar, showing the methods he took to establish His Majesty's revenues, the property of the inhabitants and the civil policy of the town in all its branches, with the measures taken by him to cultivate a good understanding with his neighbours, the Spaniards and Moors.

Also included are detailed period listings of proprietors, tenants and dwellings in Gibraltar together with ground rents amounts and totals collected, payable to the King.

The record ends with extracts of proceedings in relation to Gibraltar, held in England (1817-1848), in the presence of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent in Council 1817 and 1819, The King's Most Excellent Majesty King George IV in council 1826 and The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty Queen Victoria in Council 1848.

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