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Next Event: The New Year Lecture Series 2021

18th January - Stewart Finlayson: A History of Exploration in Gibraltar

18th January - Julio Alcantara: Post War Development of Education in Gibraltar

21st January - Richard Garcia: Gibraltar in the 1960s

25th January - Keith Sheriff: Freemasonry in Gibraltar during the 19th Century Part II

27th January - Clive Finlayson: The Pillars of Heracles

29th January - Tito Vallejo: Franco’s Secret Plan to invade Gibraltar

1st February - Roy Clinton: Elliott’s Gold – The Award of Head Money after the Great Siege

3rd February - Ian Balestrino: Elliott’s Artillery - 18th Century Ordnance and Ammunition

4th February - Geraldine Finlayson: Gibraltar’s Underwater Heritage