Gibraltar Census 1921

Archives! The Gibraltar Census of 1921, was taken on the night of Sunday 19th June 1921, simultaneously with that of the United Kingdom. The census was taken along the same lines as that of 1911, i.e., under the provisions of “The Census of the Population Ordinance, 1868”. For the purposes of the 1921 Census, Gibraltar was divided into four Wards or Divisions corresponding to the Wards set out in the “City Council Ordinance”.

On the 16th September 1921, General Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien, Governor of Gibraltar, informed Winston Churchill, Secretary of State for Colonies, that a Census of the population of Gibraltar had been taken on Sunday 19th June 1921, in compliance with instructions received. The Governor told Churchill that the Registrar of Births, who had been appointed to be the Census compiler had made a preliminary statement showing a decrease of 3,272 in the population since the Census of 1911. The total population – Civil, Naval and Military, returned at 22,095 in 1921, as against 25,367 in 1911.

The dataset provided here refers to the civilian population only, recorded in 1921 at 18,700.

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Full Details
ID: 2397
Division: 1
District: 3
HouseNo: 11
Address: Castle Street
NoOfPersons: 4
Surname: ?
Forename: Mary
RelationToHead: Aunt
MaritalStatus: Widow
Sex: F
Age: 70
Occupation: No Data
Employer: No Data
Worker: No Data
WorkingOwnAccount: No Data
Birthplace: GIBRALTAR
Religion: Roman Catholic
Education: Read & Write
Disabilities: No Data
No_of_Rooms: 4
Remarks: No Data

Family Name Grid
Select2397?MaryAunt11Castle Street
Select5585?OlgaVisitor83Main Street
Select5638?CarmeloHead109Main Street
Select6378?EloisaLodger26Serruya's Lane
Select6447?JuanaVisitor29Serruya's Lane
Select7003?JoaquinaVisitor16Governor's Street
Select8397?DoloresServant34Police Barracks South
Select8873?JaneMother10Prince Edwards Road
Select9028?Sol AnnisaReligious3Library Ramp
Select18231?JuanHead8Bay of Gibraltar
Select18332?ThomasHeadGibel Desif (ship)Bay of Gibraltar
Select18333?AntonioBoarderNo DataBay of Gibraltar
Select18469?JaimeBoarderPepitaBay of Gibraltar
Select18505?JoseBoarderGeneral MaudeBay of Gibraltar
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