Annual Payments Ground Rent 1817
Enumeration Date: 4th December 1817
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Id: 1
NumberInBook: 1
Dt: 06/12/1817
Forename: Joseph
Surname: BONFANTE (Dead)
X: X
Age: 55
LengthOfStatedResidence: 49
Religion: Catholic
Nation: GENOA
Description: Height about 5 feet 7 inches/blue eyes/grey hair
TradeProfessionOccupation: ?
PersonWhoPaid: Mr Joseph Bonfante
FirstPayment: 06/12/1817 / 150 Hard Dollars
SecondPayment: No data
NextPayment: No data
SubsequentPayments: No data
GeneralRemarks: Pd to Collectr of Revnues
Remarks: receipt lodgd in office
AdditionalInfo: No data
Notes: No data
Comments: No data
Listname: BONFANTE (Dead) Joseph
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