Register Of Inhabitants 1814  Districts Service
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ID: 73
Situation: Town
DistrictName: (Cooperage)
DivisionNo: 3
TenancyNo: 34
ProprietorForename: Mr
PropietorSurname: ALOOF
ProprietorResdncyLgthNat: Native
StreetName: Engineers Lane
HseNo: 5
NoOfRooms: 14
TenantSurname: JOSE
TenantForename: Francis
TenantResdncyLgth: 31
Nation: Portugal
Religion: Roman (Catholic)
TradeProfessionOccupation: Boat Man
Men: 1
Women: 1
Boys: 0
Girls: 0
FamilyTotal: 2
Remarks: No data
PListName: ALOOF Mr
TListName: JOSE Francis
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