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ID: 4120
DistrictName: Blue Barrack
PageNo: 124
Division: 1
StreetName: Governors Street
HouseNo: 1
Breadth: No data
Height: No data
NoOfStories: 3
NoOfRooms: 17
ByWhoseGrant: General Bland
OwnerForename: Mr
OwnerSurname: BRUSIANA
OccupantForename: John
OccupantSurname: RUSIANA (?)
Country: Spain
Religion: Roman Catholic
HowLongResident: 8
X: No data
Trade_Profession_Occupation: Merchant
Age: 25
Males: 2
Females: 2
Horses: 0
Mules: 0
Boricos: 0
Cows: 0
FireArms: No data
UnderWhoseResponsibility: Mr Brusiana
Remarks: No data
Notes: No data
Occupant: RUSIANA (?)John
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