During the First World War, a group of local members from the Calpe Rowing Club established the Gibraltar Volunteer Corps (GVC). The intention was to show their loyalty to the British Crown and to prepare for the defence of Gibraltar. The GVC got official recognition from the Governor, Lieutenant General Sir Herbert Miles on 3 July 1915 at a march held on the upper emplacement of Wellington front.

Majors G.B. Roberts and T.E. Cooper commanded the GVC. The Corps was divided into four Rifle Companies; A, B, C and D. Each company commanded by a Captain, comprised two subalterns, one Sergeant Major, four Sergeants, eight corporals, two buglers and about eighty men.

In order to join, GVC volunteers filled in enlistments forms and underwent medical examinations conducted by regular medical (Royal Army Medical Corps) personnel.

Personal information required included names, addresses, nationality, age, trade and civil status etc. Furthermore, individuals wishing to join underwent medical examinations to verify their health and therefore their suitability.

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Id: 153
Surname: Abecasis
Forename: Leon
Company: A
DateOfEnlistment: 05/07/1915
ListName: Abecasis Leon