A Study and Transcription by Tito Benady from references to the Attorney
General, Gibraltar, January 1728- September 1729, Reference: AD MS 36737

Town, Castle, Moles and Bay of Gibraltar by Colonel d'Harcourt January, 1705.

The Lists are divided into four main sections:
  • Present possessors and by what means they obtained possession of them, as now claimed, so far as could be collected from themselves or their Agents.
  • No grants in writing ever given when they were first possessed or built, but obtained grants afterwards from the Earl of Portmore.
  • Held in the Garrison of Gibraltar, by pretence of purchases, or Old Houses obtained from the respective Governors or Commanding Officers for the time being, and since repaired, or rebuilt, as far as could be collected from themselves or their Agents, having no Grants or writings to shew whereby their titles or expenses are justified.
  • Built from the foundation or upon ground allotted for that purpose by grants from governors or Commanding Officers. With the names of the present possessors, and by what means they were acquired.
The document includes:
  • The Form of the Prince of Hesse D’Armstadt’s Grants of Houses in the Garrison of Gibraltar, translated from the original Spanish. George by the Grace of God Landgrave of Hesse, Prince of Armstadt, Knight of the famous order of the Golden Fleece, Gentleman of the Bedchamber to His Catholick Majesty and His Vicar General of the Crown of Aragon.
  • The Form of Colonel Kane’s Grants for building on new foundations Richard Kane Esq. Colonel of one of His Majesty’s Regiments of Foot, & Commander in Chief of His Majesty’s City and Garrison of Gibraltar.
  • The Form of Colonel Hargrave’s grants for building on ruined houses, or old foundation William Hargrave Esq &ca.

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