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The Prince of Wales laying the foundation stone of the Alexandra Battery, Gibraltar. The illustrated London News May 6, 1876

The Military Site allows the user to access thousands of birth, marriage and death events records pertaining to the British military personnel that served their tour of duty on the Rock of Gibraltar.

The digital resources here will not only serve as a tangible link to the past for genealogists and historians but as a reminder of the importance of how Gibraltar’s distinctive ethos was shaped by the British presence at Gibraltar since 1704. Like all records of a historical nature, they are subject to omissions and transcription errors and users should be aware that they represent the best approximation of the status of knowledge pertaining to the Military presence at Gibraltar from 1869 to 1914.

Inspection of Troops at Gibraltar, on Her Majesty’s Birthday. The Illustrated London News. June 24, 1884.

Project concept, data and interface, a collaboration between Professor Larry Sawchuk University of Toronto Scarborough and Gibraltar Archivist Anthony Pitaluga. 2014

Thanks to the students at the University of Toronto Scarborough for data entry, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada for providing funds for data entry and the visits to Gibraltar, and finally, and most important to the Gibraltar Civil Register Office for permission to access the registers.

Military Births In Gibraltar 1869-1914

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Gibraltar National Archives - Military births In Gibraltar 1869-1914

The Defence of Gibraltar: Combined Naval and Military Operations, March 13. The Illustrated London News. April 6, 1889.