LIST of the RESIDENTS of GIBRALTAR in the year 1736

Taken from the explanation attached to a plan of the fortress of Gibraltar, now in possession of Major F. Montresor R.A.*

N.B. The numbers refer to the houses so numbered on the plan.

*The typescript listing is held in the Society of Genealogists (London) Document Collection. It was donated by Major F.M. Montresor, 14 New Road, Rochester, Kent on 2 December 1920. The current whereabouts of the 1736 plan referred to is not known.

Montresor’s ‘Index to English names’ has been extended to include all recorded names. Some entries are unclear whether a name with a terminal ‘s’ indicates the possessive or is the final letter of the surname – in these cases the latter has been assumed.

Paul Blake 2015

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18No DataAcearnePedro18No Data

List in alphabetical order by surname

18No DataAcearnePedro18No Data
150No DataAcrisAbn151No Data
151No DataAcrisAbn152No Data
62No DataAgnewArch62No Data
126CaptAlcockNo Data127No Data
210No DataAldinesPedro211No Data
187CaptAngitaNo Data188No Data
184MrAnnsNo Data185No Data
217No DataAnsalaBapt218No Data
28No DataAnsaldaCha28No Data
124No DataArgatJas125No Data
271No DataArgattJas272No Data
165No DataArriasJew166Jew
199MrsAshburneNo Data200No Data
257No DataAymesJas258No Data
38No DataBarratJos38No Data
239CaptBarryNo Data240No Data
240CaptBarryNo Data241No Data
241CaptBarryNo Data242No Data
171No DataBartolosaBapt172No Data
254No DataBatemanJere255No Data
76No DataBayleRobt76No Data
40No DataBenoidaAbm40No Data
176No DataBensusansSaml177No Data
11No DataBodleNo Data11No Data
59MrBogarNo Data59No Data
198MrBogardNo Data199No Data
41MrsBoideNo Data41No Data
222No DataBontiempoNo Data223No Data
232No DataBontiempoNo Data233No Data
43No DataBosiaNichs43No Data
12No DataBoydNo Data12No Data
153No DataBradfordJno154No Data
155No DataBradfordJno156No Data
15No DataBrecianoFred15No Data
16No DataBrecianoFred16No Data
299CaptBriscoeNo Data14Suppementary number appears to refer to Officers Quarters
292No DataBromedgeHugh293No Data
259No DataBromedgeHugh260No Data
31No DataBromidgeHugh31No Data
27No DataBromidgeHugh27No Data
93No DataBurroughsMar93No Data
42SgtButteryNo Data42No Data
189MrCabanessNo Data190No Data
284No DataCalwellD285No Data
121No DataCanavaBar121No Data
78No DataCancoaAndw78No Data
17No DataCarloAndrew17No Data
220No DataCarreraAnto221No Data
212No DataCarrerasAnto213No Data
206No DataCarrerasAnto207No Data
207No DataCarrerasAnto208No Data
159No DataCasolaMarco160No Data
98No DataCasseyJno98No Data
90MrChalmersNo Data90No Data
146MrChalmersNo Data147No Data
46MrChalmersNo Data46No Data
243MrChalmersNo Data244No Data
107SgtChapmanNo Data107No Data
188MrCharlesNo Data189No Data
57CaptCochranNo Data57No Data
63CaptCochranNo Data63No Data
64CaptCochranNo Data64No Data
295MrCockayneNo Data296No Data
264No DataColeMich265No Data
68No DataConnerJos68No Data
29No DataCosadaAnto29No Data
169No DataCreeLaw170(?)
281No DataCremondJo282No Data
265MrsCullumNo Data266No Data
101No DataCuningsJo101No Data
132MrCuningsNo Data133No Data
99CaptCunninghamNo Data99No Data
280DrCunninghamNo Data281No Data
215DrCunninghamNo Data216No Data
123No DataDadinoBar124No Data
218No DataDaninaAug219No Data
74No DataDanksJos74No Data
122No DataDavisWm123No Data
49No DataDe La RosaJuan49No Data
56No Datade PlumaJuan56No Data
135No Datade SarlasAnd136No Data
118No DataDeaconJos118No Data
178CaptDealNo Data179No Data
269No DataDeaneWm270No Data
236No DataDelarosaJo237No Data
75No DataDelarosaJos75No Data
235MrDennisNo Data236No Data
216MrDezaNo Data217No Data
286No DataDialCaesar287No Data
141No DataDonaldStephen142No Data
208No DataDonaldsonNo Data209No Data
105No DataDoughallJno105No Data
22No DataDouglasJno22No Data
289No DataDowlerJno290No Data
65No DataDuranteAnt65No Data
142SgtEmmertonNo Data143No Data
73SgtEnnotNo Data73No Data
223MrFieldingsNo Data224No Data
224MrFieldingsNo Data225No Data
221No DataFinnRobt222No Data
30No DataFinnRobt30No Data
140No DataFoxJno141No Data
244No DataFranciaFran245No Data
267CplFullerNo Data268No Data
200MrsGaleNo Data201No Data
231No DataGanAlexr232No Data
39No DataGandolphaJaco39No Data
83No DataGarciaLato83No Data
179No DataGasolsDavd180No Data
164No DataGatellJos165No Data
158No DataGracianoNo Data159No Data
32No DataGrahamJno32No Data
147MrGranoNo Data148No Data
160No DataGranoAnto161No Data
161No DataGranoJno162No Data
249SgtGreenfieldNo Data250No Data
52CaptGreggsNo Data52No Data
195LtGrosertNo Data196No Data
252No DataHales:Jos253No Data
51DrHallsNo Data51No Data
282SgtHallyburtonNo Data283No Data
117No DataHandyEliz117No Data
296No DataHargraveColl299No Data
302MrHargraveNo Data16Suppementary number appears to refer to Officers Quarters
120No DataHarpersNo Data120No Data
258No DataHastingsRobt259No Data
260CaptHaswellNo Data261No Data
276CaptHaswellNo Data277No Data
177No DataHogartyEd178No Data
193MrHolroideNo Data194No Data
137MrHolroideNo Data138No Data
81MrHolroideNo Data81No Data
2MrHolroideNo Data2No Data
297MrHolroideNo Data300No Data
304CaptHorneckNo Data47Suppementary number appears to refer to Officers Quarters
303CaptHughesNo Data21Suppementary number appears to refer to Officers Quarters
104No DataHumphreysCha104No Data
115MrJenkinsNo Data115Agt Dictr To the Navy
277MrJenkinsNo Data278No Data
278MrJenkinsNo Data279No Data
279MrJenkinsNo Data280No Data
67No DataJesserSaml67(?)
247MajrJohnstoneNo Data248No Data
238MajrJohnstoneNo Data239No Data
225MajrJohnstoneNo Data226No Data
167MajrJohnstoneNo Data168No Data
55No DataJordanAnt55No Data
24WidowKingNo Data24No Data
253No DataKingJas254No Data
7No DataKitchinWillm7No Data
47LtLaprimadayeNo Data48No Data
131No DataLawrencesNo Data132No Data
152MrLog8yNo Data153No Data
130MrLoggysNo Data131No Data
4No DataLucarGaspar4No Data
274No DataLunesManuel275No Data
266MrLynchNo Data267No Data
248MrLynchNo Data249No Data
182MrsMacanellyNo Data183No Data
214MrsMacanellyNo Data215No Data
37No DataMacanellyNo Data37No Data
250SgtMackastinNo Data251No Data
263No DataMaddoxAnd264No Data
233No DataMariaAnto234No Data
96BlindMariasNo Data96No Data
237No DataMartineJos238No Data
72No DataMartinsRichd72No Data
209No DataMontaniaBen210No Data
172No DataMontgomeryAlexr173No Data
245CaptMooreNo Data246No Data
301CaptMooreNo Data15Suppementary number appears to refer to Officers Quarters
111No DataMorenaFrans111No Data
173No DataMorgansNo Data174No Data
293No DataMoroJere294No Data
14No DataMulloneJane14No Data
54No DataMurfeyThos54No Data
66No DataNattaDanl66No Data
175No DataNewcomJno176No Data
186No DataNo DataNo Data187Governours
191No DataNo DataNo Data192Governours
202No DataNo DataNo Data203Jews Synagogue
211No DataNo DataNo Data212Governours
180No DataNo DataNo Data181Governours
163No DataNo DataAugustina164No Data
287No DataNo DataNo Data288Governours
255No DataNo DataNo Data256Governours
256No DataNo DataNo Data257Governours
60No DataNo DataNo Data60The King's Bakehouse for the Garrison
71No DataNo DataNo Data71Governours
33No DataNo DataNo Data33Governours Tenant
113No DataNo DataNo Data113Governours
77No DataNo DataNo Data77Governours
87No DataNo DataNo Data87Governours
88No DataNo DataNo Data88Governours
116No DataNo DataNo Data116Middle Storeroom
125No DataNo DataNo Data126Coffee House
127No DataNo DataNo Data128Governours
298LtNo DataNo Data12of the Train Suppementary number appears to refer to Officers Quarters
291No DataNo DataNo Data292Governours
300No DataNo DataNo Data26The Old Laboratory Suppementary number appears to refer to Officers Quarters
196MrNobleNo Data197No Data
25No DataNoringoPedro Jo25No Data
50CaptPattersonNo Data50No Data
204No DataPattersonJno205No Data
272MrPearsonNo Data273No Data
273MrPearsonNo Data274No Data
138MrPearsonNo Data139No Data
139MrPearsonNo Data140No Data
242MrPerkinsNo Data243No Data
5No DataPerodeJno Bapt5No Data
112No DataPeronAnglo112No Data
288MrPettysNo Data289No Data
20No DataPicardoAnto20No Data
82No DataPoraReque82No Data
102MajrPrestonsNo Data102No Data
19MajrPrestonsNo Data19No Data
181MrPriceNo Data182No Data
9No DataQuartineJos9No Data
91No DataQuartineJos91No Data
61CaptQuinchantsNo Data61No Data
103WidowQuinnNo Data103No Data
148WidowQuinnNo Data149No Data
134MrsRamsayNo Data135No Data
261No DataRaphaelNo Data262No Data
268No DataRaphaelNo Data269No Data
133MrRasherNo Data134No Data
35No DataRentmoreJos35No Data
36No DataRexonThos36No Data
21No DataReynaFrans21No Data
26No DataReynadaThos26No Data
94No DataRobertsMary94No Data
251No DataRobertsCha252No Data
290No DataRobertsJos291No Data
145MrsRobinsonNo Data146No Data
185No DataRombadoThos186No Data
79No DataRomeroJos79No Data
80No DataRomeroJos80No Data
10No DataRoseBlas10No Data
85WidowRoyalleNo Data85No Data
58LtRusselNo Data58No Data
92No DataSalterWm92No Data
174No DataSaltonAdam175No Data
219No DataSaltonCha220No Data
119No DataSampsonThomas119No Data
69MajrScottsNo Data69No Data
294No DataSevilleSteph295No Data
143WidowShawNo Data144No Data
168WidowShawNo Data169No Data
162No DataSicardoLaw163No Data
156No DataSicardoLaw157No Data
23No DataSillionaJaco23No Data
136MrSimanNo Data137No Data
285No DataSimionDo286No Data
144MrSimionsNo Data145No Data
205MrSkyffeNo Data206No Data
226MrsSmithNo Data227No Data
228MrsSmithNo Data229No Data
128MrsSmithNo Data129No Data
95No DataSmithEliz95No Data
6No DataSolasPedro6No Data
3No DataSolasPedro3No Data
234No DataSolasPedro235No Data
283No DataStewartNo Data284No Data
183DrStoneNo Data184No Data
70SgtStrahansNo Data70No Data
201SgtStubbsNo Data202No Data
34No DataSullivanJno34No Data
109No DataSutherlandDavd109No Data
44No DataSuyceasJaco44No Data
45No DataSuyceasJaco45No Data
48MrsSyfaniaNo Data48No Data
197MrsSymsNo Data198No Data
97SgtTalfordNo Data97No Data
129SgtTalfordNo Data130No Data
166No DataTangesMaria167No Data
192No DataTaveraJa193No Data
106No DataThomsonPer196No Data
194No DataToledanoNo Data195No Data
203No DataToledanoNo Data204No Data
114No DataTomalinsNo Data114No Data
270No DataTomsonIan271No Data
230MrTongueNo Data231No Data
246No DataTongueJas247No Data
84No DataTongueJas84No Data
190No DataTuckeyCha191No Data
149MrsVandyckNo Data150No Data
213MrVanessNo Data214No Data
170No DataVeraAng171No Data
100No DataVeradasFran100No Data
110No DataVillianaBapt110No Data
53No DataWaltersThos53No Data
8No DataWardJno8No Data
13No DataWardJno13No Data
89SgtWatsonNo Data89No Data
86No DataWebdellPeter86No Data
229MrWhiteheadNo Data230No Data
262No DataWilkinsAnt263No Data
227No DataWilliamsJenny228No Data
157No DataWilliamsJane158No Data
154MrsWilliamsNo Data155No Data
275MrWilsonNo Data276No Data
108WidowWilsonNo Data108No Data
1No DataYedroLouisa1No Data