Register Of Inhabitants 1834
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ID: 9429
PageNo: 118
DateRecorded: 23rd December 1834
Division: 3
District: 27
HouseNo: 130
Address: Willis's Road/A(ntonio) M(aria) Danino's Buildings
NoOfPersons: No data
Surname: (Back Door to Premises)
Forename: No data
PersonalNo: No data
Sex: No data
MaritalStatus: No data
Relationship: No data
Age: No data
Birthplace: No data
Religion: No data
Occupation: No data
YearsOfResidence: No data
PermitNo: No data
PermitClass: No data
Remarks: House Number 130: (Back Door to Premises)
Comments: No data
Notes: No data
Notes1: No data
ListName: (Back Door to Premises) No data
9429(Back Door to Premises)No dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo dataNo data118House Number 130: (Back Door to Premises)Willis's Road/A(ntonio) M(aria) Danino's Buildings130